A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
-Lao Tzu
We're thrilled that you have taken the step of faith to believe in Jesus and trust your life to Him. You probably have some questions about what this means and where to go from here. That's what this page is all about: next steps for your journey with Christ. Below are some simple steps you can take to initiate your new faith journey.

So let's get started!


A message from Pastor Tim

You just made the best decision of your life! I truly feel that way. Although you might have more questions than answers right now, something new has shifted inside of you. Taking a step of faith toward God will open your heart to experience life in a whole new way.

We often say, "This step isn't the end, but the beginning of your journey of faith." You will quickly discover that following Christ is an everyday walk. At times we aren't good at it, but that is where God's grace meets us. So don't feel like you have to be perfect or someone that you are not. Just know that as you surrender more of your life to God, more of you will be changed in the process.

Our church is excited to help you continue taking steps on this journey. On this page you will find what we think are your Next Steps in this new journey. I encourage you to look at each section as a different step. With each step that you take, you will begin to grow spiritually and see the change you desire. Consider yourself a brand new spiritual toddler just learning to walk. You will fall down a lot, but if you keep going, you will soon be running and experiencing God in a whole new way.

So let's do this together. Click on each resource link that is available and take your next step today.

Tell Your Story

We believe there is nothing more powerful than telling your story. What God did for you and in you is nothing short of a miracle. We would love to know what this decision means to you and what led you to this point. We also believe that writing it down will help you process why this decision is so significant.

Would you take a moment to share with us what you are feeling right now? Knowing your story helps us know how to pray for you and how we can best serve you on this journey.

Share your Story

Attend Weekly

Every week is a grind. The challenges of life are constantly pulling at us from every direction. Our jobs, schooling, children and the pace of life are all vying for our undivided attention. This is why it is so easy to go through life and neglect our spiritual life. Trust me, we know that life is busy!

But perhaps that is why we need some sort of inspiration and help for our soul. The pressures of life are constantly draining us. This is why we tend to make bad decisions and neglect the things that matter most. We believe that attending church on a regular basis not only fuels our faith, but it helps us become better at all of these other things. We become better spouses, parents, employees and friends when we connect with God every week.

Going to church might not be part of your weekly routine, but it should. We make time for that which is important... and your soul is important! We want to encourage you to try to attend weekly. This is truly one of the most important steps on your new journey.

Go Public!

Your decision to follow Christ was a personal one. One that only you could make. But just because the decision is personal, it doesn't mean it was meant to be private. When you realize what Christ has done for you, you want to share that miracle with your friends and family. We do this through water baptism.

Water baptism is merely an outward symbol of the inward decision to follow Jesus. It's your way of going public for Christ. Water baptism is how we identify our new life in Christ. In a way it symbolizes a new birth in your life. It's one of the most incredibly freeing experiences and one that you will never forget.

You don't need to go through a system of classes. Water baptism isn't about how much you know, it's about who you are now. You don't have to be perfect to get baptized, just willing.

Take a moment to learn about baptism and get registered for our next water baptism.

Find out more

God's Story

All of us have a story. But did you know that God has a story? The Bible is actually the narration of our story and God's story combined. Most people who have never read the Bible think it's outdated, boring and nothing but rules. But that just isn't true. The Bible is a collection of writing throughout history by about 40 different authors that God inspired to tell His Story.

No matter what you think about the Holy Bible, it is one of the most significant books ever in history. It is the source of the greatest news in the world and the way in which we can know God. In the Bible you will find the words and teachings of Jesus which have the power to change your life and help you have a personal relationship with God.

We know that the Bible can be intimidating to most people. We also know that in today's digital age, most people read things online. Whether you like reading on a mobile device or an actual physical book, we invite you to discover the story of God through the Bible. We have several resources that will help you get started in the Bible. Pick the resource that works best for you and simply start reading a little each day. Even if you don't always understand everything, just keep reading. Below are some resources that can help you get started today.

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