Dedication FAQs

What exactly is child dedication?

The introduction of a new baby into your family is an exciting time! God has given the parents the most influence in the lives of their children, and dedicating your child is a way to commit to modeling what it means to follow Jesus. This doesn’t mean that you are going to be perfect—no one is—but it does mean that you are going to give him or her opportunities to explore who Jesus is. So it’s really more about your role as parents, than it is your children. Dedicating your child is a way to commit, in front of God, your family and your church, to teaching your child what it means to follow Jesus.

Why don’t we do infant baptism?

Baptism is our response after personally deciding to follow Christ. It is a BIG deal! It is your chance to announce to the world that you have made Jesus the leader of your life! It is impossible to make this personal decision in infancy. Dedication is an opportunity to make a vow before God promising him you as parents—along with your church family—will spiritually look after those being dedicated.

Are there any pre-requisites for having my child dedicated?

At least one parent must be a Christ-follower. This is a moment where a parent/parents dedicate their child to God. They make a commitment to “give” their child to God as Hannah gave her son to God (1 Samuel 1-2). Because Crossroads.TV is a community for those who are seeking spiritual truth, many in our community have not yet made a commitment to follow Jesus. We want people to be free to investigate for as long as they would like, but it is important that at least one parent has a personal relationship with Jesus in order to guide their child’s spiritual formation.

Can we invite friends and family to the dedication experience?

Absolutely! As this is a commitment on the part of parents AND their church family, we encourage friends and family to attend. Some family members or friends may even choose to participate in the experience.

Have more  questions?

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