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We believe that circles are better than rows. In other words, while we love our moments together at our Weekend Experiences, we also recognize the need for connection beyond the weekends. ccGroups are small groups of friends that get together on a regular basis to learn how to do life together. It’s an environment where you can connect relationally and grow spiritually. It’s about belonging and becoming.

We mainly offer three different types of ccGroups depending on what you are looking for. We have Fuse Groups, Access Groups and Support Groups. Fuse Groups are small groups of 6-12 people who are usually in the same season of life that meet weekly to build community by growing together spiritually through topical or sermon-based Bible study. Access Groups help you connect with other people who enjoy the same things you do – including exercise, sports, hobbies and more. And Support Groups are small groups for people who need a little extra help & support to face the challenges we sometimes encounter in life, whether that be rebuilding after a divorce or overcoming addictive, dysfunctional, or compulsive behaviors.

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