The Church was never intended to just be a building!

You also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.
1 Peter 2:5
On this page you will find stories from people who have experienced God’s blessings from the Build the House as well as some of the video stories we shared during the series.

As you read and watch these stories your faith will begin to grow. Everyone has a story to tell. But it’s the stories of faith that inspires us the most.

Build the House Miracles

My husband and I committed to increase our giving for Build The House. This week, out of complete “left field” we were contacted by some friends and told they wanted to GIVE us one of their extra cars for our son. We just picked it up and we are blown away, again by God’s faithfulness. No way could we have gone out and bought something as nice as what they gave us. I wish I could yell it from the rooftops, “His promises are true people; you cannot out-give Him”!

– Andi B.

For Build the House, my wife and I were led to take a step of faith in our giving. We give to the church because of the lives that are being changed. On Mother’s Day, my wife’s mom came over and brought some mail for us. In that mail was a refund check that was lost due to an old address for an overpayment we made on a bill. The refund check was for $531. I felt like this was God telling me that if you are looking for a sign when it comes to trusting me, here it is!

– Anthony S.

So we of course made our commitment to Build the House, without hesitation. A couple days later we got a letter in the mail stating that a loan we thought we owed on for another year was PAID IN FULL! That extra payment amount was MORE than we committed for Build the House each month. God is so awesome!

– Jessica M.

When Pastor Tim invited us to write down names of people on the stones that we believe in faith will meet Christ, I knew exactly what names to write down. I wrote down the names of my sister and brother-in-law. I have been praying for them for months with Pastor Rick. To my surprise, I walked into church that following weekend and guess who shows up? Yes, in just one week, I was able to see both of them cross the threshold of our church, a movie theater in a mall! They need God so much in their life right now and I’m praying they surrender their lives to Him. I am always in awe of how God works and I won’t take it for granted.

– Randy R.

I felt like God told me to give a large amount of my savings account for Build The House. I was originally going to give a small part of it, but I felt like God told me to give most of it. So I did. I don’t have a job yet and have been saving my money for a car. That following week, I got a job offer that was better than any job I could have asked for and now I have the ability to make even more money than I gave. I now see God’s faithfulness and I know that He will provide for me!

– Lauryn M. (student)

If God has done a miracle in your life through your step of faith in giving to Build the House, we want to hear it and God wants to use it to encourage others! Share your story below.

Share Your Story

Our Story

God is writing one of the most amazing stories through Crossroads.TV. Here’s a look at what God has done over the past decade. It’s truly a move of God.

Music by: Elevation Worship

Stacey Owens

Stacey struggled with addiction to cocaine and alcohol until God rescued her! God has used our church to help her walk a path of sobriety and find hope for her future!

The Crescenzi’s

Brian and Lindsey were losing hope for their marriage. Until one day they attended an Awaken Experience and God rescued their family. Everyday they continue to be a testimony of trusting God in every way.

Anthony and Holly Smith

Anthony and Holly’s marriage was headed for disaster in part due to their financial troubles. They received a foreclosure notice from the bank. In this season, they decided to honor God with the tithe (first 10%). As a result, God miraculously provided for them financially and blessed them in even greater ways.

Build The House Baptisms

What God is building at Crossroads.TV is not a place to meet, but the lives that are being changed by the Gospel. In one weekend, we witnessed 185 people get baptized to declare their faith in Christ!

Byron and Isaiah’s Story

Byron wanted desperately to see his son come back to God. So he committed to Build the House and wrote his name down on a stone. God responded to Byron’s sacrifice through a miracle in Isaiah.

Tommy and Valarie’s Story

Everything had been going wrong for Tommy and Valarie. They thought that God was not present or did not care. Until one day they received a blessing from an outreach event and it changed their lives.