Our Code

Although all churches have been commissioned to make disciples for Jesus, not all churches go about it the same way. We are intentional about creating a culture that reaches those who are spiritually searching for God. This culture is defined by what we call Our Code. Our Code is made up of 12 statements that identify who we are and how we approach ministry. You could say it is the DNA of Crossroads.TV.

We make the Gospel our first priority

We will say “no” to many good things in order to do what’s more important. The Gospel will always be of first priority in our lives and in our preaching.

We are united under the vision of our Lead Pastor

God has given Pastor Tim the vision for this ministry. We will follow his lead as long as he is leading this church.

We are not for sale

We will not compromise our vision for anything or anyone. We value it so highly that it can’t be bought at any price.

We are all about the presentation

Everything in this ministry is a presentation of the Gospel. If it can’t be done well, it shouldn’t be done.

We elevate our calling over our gifting

People who put their gifts before their call are divas. Our calling is to be servants of Christ. That means we are never too gifted to do what is needed.

We will change lives through our generosity

Faithfulness is expected; generosity is life-changing. We will become life-changers through our generosity.

We will “share our fries”

What God has blessed us with, we will use to bless others. We are not here to build our church but rather God’s Kingdom.

We will love our city by serving it

We will impact our city for Christ by serving the people and showing them God’s love in practical ways.

We are “all in”

We refuse to live safely when lives are at stake. We will attempt new ways of reaching people for Christ and may fail at times. We would rather fail than to never have tried.

We toss the old chair

Our methods, programs and systems can easily become an old comfortable chair that no one will throw away even if they are not effective. Everything but the Gospel will change to be effective.

We will be a people of honor

We will live our lives to honor Christ, his church, and those in authority over us. We will treat God’s house as a place of honor.

We will be known by what we are for

We will not use our platform to condemn but rather to lift up the salvation of Jesus.